Tentative list of papers accepted for Sustainable Development 2009.  



Aburounia, Hamida. Capital Theory and Sustainable Development Concept. Al-Fateh University, Libya

Ahmadkhani, bahram & farhadi, ali. Traditional Sustainable Solutions in Iranian Desert Architecture. Seraj Higher Education Institute, Iran

Ahmed, Fahmid. The Shifting Dialogue between the River Buriganga and Historical City of Dhaka. Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh

Ahmed, Iftekhar Khondkar & Sager, Jalel. Toward Sustainable and Adaptive Built Environments in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. RMIT University, Australia / Vietnam Green Building Council, Vietnam.

Almansuri, Aisha; Curwell, Steve & Dowdle, David.  Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development: A State of the Art. University of Salford, United Kingdom

Almeida, Helena; Serdoura, Franciso & Crespo, Jose. .Baixa Pombalina rehabilitation in Lisbon. A strategy for environmental and economic sustainability. Polo Universitario Alto da Ajuda, Portugal

Aminuddin, Asrul Mahjuddin. Low-cost, high-rise urban housing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: avoiding the risk of future slums. University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.

Antonini, Alessandra & Cecchini, Arnaldo. Candies and Submarines. Territorial policies for Tourism Policies: Models and Evaluation for Management. University of Sassari, Italy

Archer, Graham.  Development of Long Span Bamboo Trusses. California Polytechnic State Universtiy, San Luis Obispo, USA

Arslan, Zerrin. Socio-Cultural Sustainability through Traditional, Modern and Sustainable Urbanism in Ankara, Turkey. Mustafa Kemal University, Turkey.

Ayeni, Dorcas .A. & Ebohon, John .O.  Local Constraints on Sustainable Tourism Development in Africa: The Nigerian Example. De Montfort University, United Kingdom

Basilio, Catherine.  Didactic Interrogation of Case Study Features in the Pursuit of Learning in Sustainable Architecture. Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Basti, Antonio; Antosa, Laura & Milano, Patrizia. Raw Earth now. University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara, Italy

Biswas, Sudipti.  Sustainability: Unexplored practice in Developing Countries. Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

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Cacciotti, giorgia. Urban Planning and Management with Indicators of Sustainability. Studies and Hypothesis. University of Roma Tre, Italy

Cahantimur, Arzu.  A Socio-cultural Approach for Sustainable Urban Development of Traditional Housing Areas. Uludag University, Turkey

CAMPOS, Pablo. Sustainable University Spaces - Architecture and Nature in a new concept: the Educational Campus. UTOPLAN - University USPECEU, Spain

Corrado, Maria Elena. Compatibility between solar energies and cultural heritage: possibilities and perspectives. "Sapienza" University of Rome, Italy.

Degreas, Helena Napoleon & Nacedo, Silvio Soares.  Systems of free open spaces and the constitution of the contemporary public sphere in Brazil: land use and social sustainability. Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Dumreicher, Heidi. Visioning, Forecasting, Scenario Making for Sustainability: A Methodological Approach. Oikodrom, the Vienna Institute for Urban Sustainability, Austria

Elfeturi, Abdulbaset; Holm, Lorens & Unwin, Simon. Cultural Sustainability: developing strategies for achieving urban form that are sensitive to local culture and patterns of space use. University of Dundee, United Kingdom

El- Haram, Mohamed A ; Horner, Malcolm & Thomson, Craig S. Drivers and Factors Affecting Building Sustainability Assessment. University of Dundee, UK/ Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

Elias-Ozkan, Soofia Tahira & Gilani, Adel Mohamed. Bioclimatic Architecture in Libya. Al-Fateh University, Libya

Enayati, Bahram & Farzaneh, Maryam. Democratic Planning: Contradiction in Policies, Case of Sari Urban Development Plan. Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Fadae, Honey & Mofidi, S.Majid.  A Comparative study on Sustainable Landscape in Arid Regions,Mahan and Fin Gardens in Iran. Islamic Azad University, Iran

Ferrer Forés, Jaime J. Mat building: Modern Sustainable Architecture. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain.

Guàrdia, Manel; Fava, Nadia & Oyon, José Luís. Compact City and Public Markets. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain / Universitat de Girona, Spain.

Hareedy, Salah. New Visions for Urban Growth-A Low Tech Ecosystematic Local Perspective. Alexandria University, Egypt

Khalil, Rania & Ragab, Samah.  New Urbanism: From Theory to Validation [University Master Plan – Case Study]. Helwan University. Egypt

Konstantinovic, Dragana; Atanackovic-Jelicic, Jelena & Zekovic, Miljana. Meaning and Understanding Sustainable Architecture in Developing Countries - Case of Serbia. University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.

Lehmann, Steffen. Re-Compacting the City: Theorizing Sustainability on the Urban Scale. The University of Newcastle, Australia

Levine, Richard S; Hughes, Michael T; Mather, Casey R & Dumreicher, Heidi. The Hammam and the Future of Sustainability in the Developing World. Center for Sustainable Cities, USA/ Oikodrom, Austria

lo piccolo, Francesco; schilleci, Filippo & Marotta, Paola. The Hidden Landscape and The Identity of Places: Ecological Networks, Local Communities and Models of Self-sustainable Development in Western Sicily. University of Palermo, Italy

MAKHLOUFI, Lilia. Socio-Economic Issues in Constantine: Which contexts for which consequences on the Sustainable Urban Development? . University of Jijel, Algeria

Mallia, David. Sustainability and Urban conservation in a small island state: the Maltese experience. University of Malta, Malta.

Mansouri, Yaser. Sustainable Evaluation in Neighbourhood Scale Between Traditional and New Development Context in Iran. University of Tehran, Iran

Mawad, Ahmed. Sustainable Urban Growth Management Of Jeddah City – Saudi Arabia. King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia

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Mofidi, S. Majid. Principles and Parameters of Sustainable Urban Built Form for Temperate Regions. Islamic Azad University,  Iran.

Morley, Ian. The Urban's Culture and Sustainability: Razing/Constructing/Managing 'History' in Developing China. Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Nava, Consuelo & Quattrone, Giamila. Design & Process Sustainable Technological Innovation. An Hypothesis for Nefta (Tunisia). Università degli Studi Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria, Italy

Osman, Mohammed & Saeed, Tallal. A New Vision for a Sustainable System of the Urban Solid Waste Management in Khartoum. Sudan University, Sudan / University of Khartoum, Sudan

Ozturan, Zeren & Yilmaz, Serkan.  A balanced spatial development approach for 3rd GPP of the Benghazi Region based on sustainability principle aiming at “conflict minimization at local level”. Geotech Group, Turkey

Perin, Gavin. Informing Sustainability: Qualitative Information Sets and Urban Futures. University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Pinzello, Ignazia; Arici, Francesca; Todaro, Vincenzo & Giampino, Annalisa. Assessment of settlement pressure on enviromental system: forms and processes taking place in Sicily. Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy

Radogna, Donatella; Petruzzelli, Raffaella & Elfraites, Hanan. The Management and the Conservation of Raw Earth Building Heritage: Perspectives for Resources Sustainable Reuse. University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy

Rashid, Rumana & Ahmed, Mohd. Hamdan Bin. The passive cooling Effect of Green Roof in High-rise Residential Building in Malaysia. University Technology Malaysia, Malaysia

Ribeiro, Jorge & Barbosa, Ricardo.  Indicator of sustainability for the rehabilitation works of “Pombalino” buildings in Lisbon. Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal / Architecture and Design Company, Portugal

Rismanchian, Omid. The role of green space development in renewing a degenerating neighbourhood, a case study from Tehran, Iran. Edinburgh College of Art, United Kingdom

Roshko, Tijen.  Integrated Sustainability: Material Studies at the Merger of Science and Design. University of Manitoba, Canada

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Shamsuddin, Shuhana; Abdul Latip, Nurul Syala; Sulaiman, Ahmad Bashri; Ujang, Norsidah & Chelliapan, Shreesivadasan. Regeneration of the Urban Waterfront: The Sustainable Approach to Dealing with the hstorical Waterfront of Malaysian cities. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malysia / International Islamic University Of Malaysia, Malaysia /  Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Silva, Vanessa Gomes & kowaltowski, doris. Integrating the design process with sustainability in mind: reflection on the ideas that should shape buildings. University of Campinas, Brazil

Silva, Vanessa Gomes da; Kowaltowski, Doris Catherine Cornelie Knatz; Pereira, Paula Roberta Pizarro; Deliberador, Marcella Saviolli & Minetto, Luciano Zanusso. The design process for energy efficient of public schools in the region of Campinas, Brazil: discussion and analysis. State University of Campinas – Unicamp, Brazil

Spahic, Omer. The Concepts of Man and the Environment in Islam and Some of Their Implications for Islamic Architecture. International Islamic University, Malysia

TAS, Murat; TAS, Nilufer & CAHANTIMUR, Arzu. Evaluation Of The Community Participation In The “Cumalikizik Collaboration Project- Living Ottoman Village In The Third Millennium” Case. Uludag University, Turkey

Terenzi, Alessandra. Population Settlement and Planning in Areas of Conflict. Polytechnics of Milan, Italy.

Teti, Maria Adele. The "contemporary dimension of the historical city". University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria, Italy.

Tirdad, Arezoo. Green Bursts; Rejuvenation of Tehran’s Urban Core. University of Toronto, Canada

Tirmizi, Muhammad Ali.  Sustainable Urban Development Strategies for the Provision of Low- Income Housing in Pakistan. National College of Arts University, Pakistan

Tobolczyk, Marta. Dynamic urbanization of coastal settlements in Cyprus under pressure of global property market; prospects and vulnerabilities of implementing sustainable values. Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus

Törmä, Ilkka. Framework for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure: a District System. Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

van Nes, Akkelies. To what extent is Randstad’s spatial layout compact and hence, sustainable? . Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Veloso da Veiga, Patricia & Gadi, Mohamed. Living on the slope – learning from Encosta do Bom-Jesus, Braga, Portugal. The University of Nottingham, England

Ziggiatti Monteiro, Evandro; Mikami Pina, Silvia & Chebel Labaki, Lucila. The not so passive architecture: getting people involved in their own environment. State University of Campinas, Brazil. Presentation

Abdeltif, Mounjia. A New Way to Value Heritage: Analogy to Science Of Nature In Architecture And Aesthetics.  University of Algiers, Algeria

Abujenah, Omar Mohamed & Taher Shibub, Mariam. The Concept of Sustainable Architecture. Al fateh University, Libya

Abujenah, Omar Mohamed. Lessons of sustainable design from Ghdames Traditional city in Libya. Alfateh University, Libya

Ahmadkhani, bahram & farhadi, ali. Natural Ventilation in Architecture by Vernacular Sustainable Solutions in Iran .(Ms,Arch) Member of Academic Staff of Seraj Higher Education Institute,Iran

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Alattar, Iman. Urban Planning History of Baghdad and it’s Potential for Sustainable Solutions. Australia

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Brkovic, Marta. Smart School for Smart Children. Union University, Serbia

Buchholz, Martin. Concept for the development of North African depression areas based on closed greenhouse agriculture, use of salt residues and related water/matter transportation systems. Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany


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Di Paola, Antonluca. The historical city between past and future. The "center" is outskirts?. Architect and PhD in "Planning and project of the Mediterranean city." Department AACM, Reggio Calabria, Italy

El Sheikh, Mohamed. Intelligent Building Skin: Towards Sustainable Architecture. The British University, Egypt

Fadamiro, Joseph Akinlabi & Oluwatuyi, Ajibola Olugbenga. Green Infrastructures and City development: The challenges for Environmental Sustainable in Nigeria. Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria / National Directorate of Employnent, Headquarters, Zone 1, Wuse, Abuja, Nigeria

Forlani, Maria Cristina & Mascarucci, Maria. Build heritage reuse and new raw earth constructions for an eco-sustainable touring proposal. University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara, Italy

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LALOUANI, SOUMIA & ALKAMA, DJAMEL. Aspects of Sustainability for the urban planning. Rehabilitation of the Ksour and Dachra of microphone region, by the recovery of tourist circuits. Med Khider-Biskra University, Algeria

Medjelekh, Dalel & Medjelakh, Salim. Impact of the thermal inertia of material on the hygrothermal comfort of building. Laboratory of the Bioclimate Architecture and the Environment "A.B.E": Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria / Hadj Lakhdar university, Batna, Algeria

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