Sustainable Development 09

Sustainable Architecture and Urban Development


Location, Accommodation and Travel Information



Conference Venue

The conference will be held at CORINTHIA HOTEL, Trioli a luxurious 5 star hotel. The Hotel is located at the heart of Tripoli’s central business district.


Tripoli, Libya
Souk Al Thulatha Al Gadim,
Tripoli 82874, LIBYA

T: +(218) 21 335 1990
F: + (218) 21 335 1992
E: reservations@corinthia.ly

Distance from Airport: 35 KM
Map: Click Here

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About Tripoli

Tripoli, or Tarabalus Al-Gharb (Tripoli of the West in Arabic), is the capital, largest city, principal harbor and biggest commercial and manufacturing centre of Libya. Tripoli is located in the north-west of Libya and is situated on the Mediterranean Sea. The city has a population of about 1.68 million people. The old walled city of Tripoli, the Medina, is one of the classical sites of the Mediterranean.

The basic street plan of the city was laid down in the Roman period. For the Greeks and Phoenicians, Tripoli made an ideal trading post, having an excellent natural harbor. In antiquity, this arid region of western Libya, which the Romans called Tripolitania (“land of three cities”), was comprised of the cities of Leptis Magna, Sabratha, and Oea (now lost under modern Tripoli. Modern Tripoli include lots of very interesting historical sites and museums to visit. In addition, the city includes beautiful landscape and wonderful beaches within driving distance.

Libya, a young country dense with history, full of natural wonders and historical sites, a well-traveled bridge between sea and desert, east and west. Situated south of the Mediterranean, it continues to be a bridge between ancient and new civilizations and an open-air museum in almost all its entirety. You can find traces of several ancient civilizations. All of them passed through Libya leaving their Finger Prints such as Statues, Temples, Theatres, Bathes, Markets, Mosaics, Painting, Rock art, and Cemeteries. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Spaniards, The Knights of St. john of Malta, Turkish, and Italians.
Libya boasts five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Cyrene, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, the old town of Ghadames, and the rock art sites of Tadrart Akakus in the southern desert. Modern Libya is also a fascinating place to experience; its towns and villages, mosques and market places, which reflect an appealing mix of Arab and Berber culture.

However, one of the greatest assets of Libya is certainly the variety of its landscape and its climate. The beautiful oasis of the Great Sahara, the Green Mountains (Jebel al-Akhdar), the Wonderful beaches are just few examples.



Weather  Overview

Libya has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers (June-August), cool winters (December-February), and some modest rainfall. Tripoli enjoys warm summers and mild winters with an average July temperature of between 22 °C (72 °F) and 29 °C (84 °F). The average temperature in December is between 9 °C (48 °F) and 18 °C (64 °F).

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Travel Information

Getting to Tripoli
Most international airlines will go to Tripoli International Airport the county's largest airport. Located in the town of Ben Ghashir 34km south of the city centre, Tripoli International is a hub for Libyan Airlines. There are many well-known international carriers flying to the Libyan capital such as British Airway, Lufthansa, KLM, Emirates etc. Easy and convenient airport transfer service is available between the airport and Tripoli City.
The drive from Tripoli International takes approximately 20 minutes to conference venue. The taxi fare to conference venue is around 10 US Dollar.

Visa Requirements
Most nationalities will need pre-issued visa to enter Libya. Please check with your travel agent or the nearest Libyan consulate/Embassy to determine what applies to your case. Visa application may takes more than 40 days, and thus we recommend to apply very early.

Useful visa information can be found at this link >>

Letter of Invitation
You may need an official
invitation letter to apply for a visa at the nearest Libyan embassy to you. Just write to  Samer Taweel, conference secretariat, specifying the necessary details. This service is designed only to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Conference. It should not be considered an official invitation covering fees or other expenses. 

Foreign Exchange and Banking Arrangements
The official currency of Libya is  the
Libyan Dinar, or LYD  (1 USD = 1.25 LYD).  Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport bank upon arrival or at banks located throughout Libya. Major credit cards are accepted in Libya.



Hotels in Tripoli: The organizing committee recommends the following hotels.  To obtain the hotel rates listed on our website, you must contact directly the hotel reservation desk via phone, e-mail or fax in order to arrange for the reservation. Room reservations are subject to availability.  Reservation need to be done as early as possible as there are usually shortage of hotel accommodation in Tripoli at this period.


CORINTHIA HOTEL, [Conference Venue] Tripoli's premier hotel, Located at the heart of Tripoli’s central business district.
Free transportation will be provided from Sheraton Amman Hotel to University of Petra Campus (

CORINTHIA HOTEL - Tripoli (5 Star)

Phone: +(218) 21 335 1990
Fax: +(218) 21 335 1283, +(218) 21 335 1992
Website: http://www.corinthiahotels.com/home?c=1&l=1

For reservation please contact:

+(218) 21 335 1990 (phone)
tripoli@corinthia.com   reservations@corinthia.ly
Please mention (Sustainable Development Conf,  Al Fateh University)
Single Room: 445 Euro
Double Room: 480 Euro


Al-Kabir Hotel, Tripoli 1 km far from the conference venue, Corinthia Hotel.


Al-Kabir Hotel - Tripoli

Phone: +218 (21) 444 5940 -45
Fax: +218 (21) 444 5959
Website: http://

For reservation please contact:

+218 (21) 444 5940 -45
Please mention (Sustainable Development Conf,  Al Fateh University)
Single Room: 104 LYD
Double Room: 124 LYD

 Bab El Bahr Hotel, 1 km far from the conference venue, Corinthia Hotel.


Bab El Bahr Hotel - Tripoli

Phone: +218 (21) 335 0676, +218 (21) 335 0707-9

For reservation please contact:

+218 (21) 335 0676, +218 (21) 335 0707-9

Please mention (Sustainable Development Conf,  Al Fateh University)

Single Room: 104 LYD
Double Room: 126 LYD

Al Waddan Hotel, Tripoli . situated in the center of the city of Tripoli.


Al Waddan Hotel - Tripoli

Phone: +218 (21) 333 0044
Fax: +218 (21) 333 0041
Website: http://www.alwaddanhotel.com/

For reservation please contact:

+218 (21) 333 0044
Please mention (Sustainable Development Conf,  Al Fateh University)
Single Room: LYD
Double Room: LYD


Hotel Al Mehari, Tripoli . 3 km far from the conference venue, Corinthia Hotel.



Hotel Al Mehari - Tripoli

Phone: +218 (21) 340 7878, +218 (21) 340 7888

For reservation please contact:

+218 (21) 340 7878, +218 (21) 340 7888

Please mention (Sustainable Development Conf,  Al Fateh University)

Single Room: 395 Euro
Double Room:  

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