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 CSAAR 2007


Introduction to Tunis

Tunisia is home to over 3,000 years of history ranging from the Phoenicians, who founded the ancient city of Carthage to the French in more recent times.
The biggest name in Tunisian history is Carthage arch rival of Rome in the second and third centuries BC and a Phoenician trading post founded at the end of the 9th Century, that developed into one of the most prosperous and powerful cities in the western Mediterranean.
Tunisia's beautiful beaches and historical treasures attract millions of tourists from all over the world.
Tunisia offers beautiful safe beaches. Stylish hotels and state-of-the art spas. Unique archaeological treasures. Natural wonders not just the Sahara Desert but the stunning landscapes around the oasis towns. Great food. Marvelous markets.
 The capital city, Tunis, is a two-hour flight from Paris and London and a fifty- minute flight from Rome. Daily flights connect Tunisia to virtually all European, African and Middle Eastern destinations.



Tunis is the capital of Tunisia with an ever-growing population of nearly one million people. The city is situated on a large Mediterranean gulf, the Gulf of Tunis, behind the Lake of Tunis and the port of La Goulette (Halq al Wadi), the city extends along the coastal plain and the hills that surround it. At the centre of a modern development (colonial era and post) lies the old medina. Beyond this section lie the suburbs of Carthage, La Marsa, and Sidi Bou Said.
The city is famous for its monuments, historical buildings, parks, the Bardo Museum (a 13th century Hafsid palace), and the old medina. The medina contains some 700 monuments, including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains dating from the Almohad and the Hafsid periods. The medina of Tunis has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. These ancient buildings of medina include the Great Mosque (including the Muslim University and library), Ez-Zitouna Mosque ("Mosque of the Olive") , Bey's Palace.
The city offers various attractions for visitors all year long including hundreds of historical places, as well as beautiful scenery. The sunny climate makes it an ideal holiday destination and with hundreds of historical places and attractions tourism has become a flourishing industry.


Map of Tunis: click here

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Weather  Overview

Northern Tunisia has a typical Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers (June-August) and mild, wet winters (December-February). Tunis' high temperatures top out around 32C (90F) and drop no lower than 6C (40F). The mountains of the northwest occasionally get snow, while the farther south you go, the hotter and drier it gets. Annual rainfall ranges from 1000mm (40in) in the north, down to 150mm (6in) in the south, although some Saharan areas go without rain for years on end. Tunisia's lowest point is at Chott el-Gharsa, at 17m (56ft) below sea level, and its highest point is at Jebel Chambi at 1544m (1785ft).


Conference Venue and Accommodation

CSAAR 2007  conferences will be held at Barcelo Cartage Thalsaao , Tunis a 5 Star Hotel.   The  hotel is located right by the beach at La Marsa-Gammarth, in Tunisia. The hotel is   15 minutes away from Tunis city-centre. and Tunis International Airport; 20 minutes away from Sidi Bou Said (a traditional town), and 15 minutes away from the ruins of Carthage. For more information click here>>

Special accommodation rates have been negotiated at this hotel on behalf of our delegates. Note that reservations must be made as soon as possible to benefit from these special rates. Please mention you are participant in CSAAR 2007.

A single room: 105 TND (~84 USD) the night including breakfast
A double room: 120 TND (~96 USD) the night including breakfast

Hotel web site: www.barcelo.com
Reservation: TEL 00 216 71 910111

                  FAX 00 216 71 910666

email for confirmation: carthagethalasso.comercial2@barcelo.com (contact person: Neila Dakhlaoui)



Travel Information

Getting to Tunis
Most international flights connect with
Carthage airport, 8km from the Tunis city centre.
A taxi into the city center  shouldn't cost much more than 5 TD. Alternatively, buses depart fairly regularly and charge a fraction of the price.

Airport Reception and Transportation
A welcome desk will be available at Carthage airport on dates when the majority of participants will be arriving. A special service will be organized for transportation to the Hotels.

Visas Requirements
Not everyone requires a pre-issued visa to enter Tunisia. Visas are not required for participants from the USA and most European countries. Other nationalities may need visa to enter Tunisia.  Please check with your travel agent or the nearest Tunisian Consulate/Embassy to determine what applies to your case.
The Conference organizers can provide assistance, if required, in obtaining visitors' visas. If you need this help, please contact  Dr Abdesselem Mahmoud
 and email him the required information before October 1, 2007, 8:00 pm (GMT).

Letter of Invitation
Those who needs an official invitation letter in order to attend the conference may write to  Prof. Abdesselem Mahmoud  specifying the necessary details. This service is designed only to assist participants who need to obtain a visa or permission to attend the Conference. It should not be considered an official invitation covering fees or other expenses.

Foreign Exchange and Banking Arrangements
The official currency of Tunisia  is the Dinar  (1 Euro = 10.8 TD; 1 $ = 8.7 TD; 1 = 16 TD). Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport bank upon arrival or at banks located throughout Tunis. A banking service is available at the hotels for currency exchange. Major credit cards are accepted in Tunis.




Barcelo Cartage Thalsaao (5 Star Hotel) (conference venue)

A single room: 105 TND (~84 USD) the night including breakfast
A double room: 120 TND (~96 USD) the night including breakfast

web site: www.barcelo.com

Reservation: TEL 00 216 71 910111

                  FAX 00 216 71 910666

email for confirmation: carthagethalasso.comercial2@barcelo.com (contact person: Malek Alouini)


Golden Tulip Carthage Hotel, Tunis

A single room: 130 TND (104 USD) the night including breakfast
A double room: 148 TND (118 USD) the night including breakfast

Web site: www.goldentulipcarthage.com

Reservation: TEL 00 216 71 913 000

                  FAX 00 216 71 912 812

email for confirmation: seniorsales@goldentulipcarthage.com (contact person: Hedi Benzarti)


other hotels will be listed soon